Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor has what makes life more than just studying. Ann Arbor successfully combines the comfort and charm of a small city with all the excitement of a metropolitan area. The city’s landscape is a pleasant blend of parks, office buildings, shops, tree-lined streets and historic preservation areas.

If you need a break from academics, the city and the University offer music, museums, theater, films, lectures and a constant stream of distinguished scholars, public figures, poets, writers and artists throughout the year. Both the city and the University sponsor a lively year-round calendar of cultural events. These events feature orchestras, troupes, touring companies and individual artists of national and international note. There is music for every taste — from classical and jazz to rock and folk — as well as fully-staged productions of opera, dance, musical theater and drama. In July, painters, potters, photographers and sculptors display their creations at the famous Ann Arbor Art Fairs, which literally transform the streets into a paved gallery.

And let us not forget recreation. The University offers excellent participatory sports facilities through the Recreational Sports Department. Michigan is also Big 10 sports at its best — football, basketball, baseball, hockey and swimming, as well as virtually all other men’s and women’s sports. On a more personal level, Ann Arbor’s surrounding countryside offers opportunities for canoeing, bicycling, lake swimming and picnicking.

Ann Arbor is also very conveniently located; central campus is located less than 25 miles from Detroit Metro Airport and less than 60 miles from all major Detroit attractions, such as The Detroit Institute of Arts, professional sporting events and music performances.

In short, Ann Arbor is everything you’d expect it to be — vital, intelligent, inspiring and fun.


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