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15 New PhD Students for Fall 2016
The Program in Chemical Biology is pleased to announce our new cohort for Fall 2016. There are 15 new PhD students joining us at the University of Michigan this year! Welcome, Class of 2021!
posted 4/26/2016

Matthew DeMars Awarded Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship
Fourth year PCB student, Matthew DeMars, of Professor David Sherman's laboratory, has been awarded a Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship for the 2016-2017 year. Congratulations Matt!
posted 4/25/2016

Ulla Lilienthal Awarded Rackham Non-Traditional Fellowship
Cancer Chemical Biology MSstudent, Ulla Lilienthal, has been awarded a Rackham Non-Traditional Fellowship. Congratulations, Ulla!
posted 11/11/2015

GAANN Fellowship Awards for 2015-2016
Eight Program in Chemical Biology first year PhD students - Megan Connolly, Jamie Do, Tyler Doyon, Matt Henley, Garrett Johnson, Daniel Kremer, April Lukowski, and Seth Wiley - have been chosen to receive GAANN Fellowships this year. Congratulations everyone!
posteD 11/10/2015

Lyanne Gomez-Rodriguez and Desiree Garcia-Torres Awarded CBI TP Fellowships
Second year Chemical Biology students Lyanne Gomez-Rodriguez, from the David Sherman lab, and Desiree Garcia-Torres, from the Carol Fierke lab, have been awarded Chemistry Biology Interface Training Program (CBITP) Fellowships. Congratulations Lyanne and Desiree!
posteD 7/28/2015


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