Amanda L. Garner

Assistant Professor, Medicinal Chemistry

Post. Doc., The Scripps Research Institute
Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
B.S., Allegheny College

Research Focus: Development of conceptually new screening assays for and identification of chemical probes for mRNA translation-related protein-protein interactions and microRNAs

Phone: 734.763.2654
E-mail: algarner@umich.edu

The research goal of the Garner Laboratory is to use chemical biology, medicinal chemistry and molecular and cellular biology approaches to study cap-dependent mRNA translation, a type of protein synthesis. This fundamental cellular process has been shown to be dysregulated in a number of human diseases, including cancer, obesity and diabetes. The anticipated outcome of these investigations is the validation of cap-dependent translation-related targets for future drug discovery efforts. To complete these studies, we rely on approaches such as small molecule and peptide library synthesis and assay design and development to facilitate screening efforts to identify chemical probes for our targets, which include protein-protein interactions involved in cap-dependent translation initiation and microRNAs that regulate the translation of select mRNAs. With probes in hand, we will complete chemical genetic and pharmacological evaluations in human cell lines and animals to validate these targets and further elucidate their therapeutic relevance.

Garner Research Group



NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship, The Scripps Research Institute
University of Pittsburgh Innovator Award
Novartis Fellowship for Women and Minorities, University of Pittsburgh
NASA Space Grant Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh
Safford Award for Excellence as a Graduate Student Teacher, University of Pittsburgh
Society for Analytical Chemistry of Pittsburgh Chemistry Award, Allegheny College


Representative Publications

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