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James Carolan (Mapp Lab)

  1. Evans, C. G., Smith, M. C., Carolan, J.P., Gestwicki, J. E. “Improved synthesis of 15-deoxyspergualin analogs using the Ugi multicomponent reaction” Bioorgan. Med. Chem. Lett. 2011, 21, 2587.
  2. Olson, M.E.; Carolan, J.P.; Chiodo, M. V.; Lazzara, P. R.; Mohan, R. S. "Iron(III) Tosylate Catalyzed Deprotection of Aromatic Acetals in Water." Tetrahedron Lett. 2010, 51, 3969.
  3. Bothwell, J.M., Angeles, V.V., Carolan, J.P., Olson, M.E. and Mohan, R.S., "A mild and chemoselective method for the deprotection of tert-butyldimethylsilyl (TBDMS) ethers using iron(III) tosylate as a catalyst", Tetrahedron Letters, 2010, 51, 1056. [Full Text]

Brian T. DeVree (Sunahara Lab)

  1. Westfield, G.H., Rasmussen, S.G., Su, M., Dutta, S., DeVree, B.T., Chung, K.Y., Calinski, D., Velez-Ruiz, G., Oleskie, A.N., Pardon, E., Chae, P.S., Liu, T., Li, S., Woods, V.L. Jr., Steyaert, J., Kobilka, B.K., Sunahara, R.K., Skiniotis, G. “Structural flexibility of the G alpha s
    alpha-helical domain in the beta2-adrenoceptor Gs complex” PNAS 2011, 108, 16086-91. [Full Text]
  2. Rasmussen, S.G.*, DeVree, B.T.*, Zou, Y., Kruse, A.C., Chung, K.Y., Kobilka, T.S., Thian, F.S., Chae, P.S., Pardon, E., Calinski, D., Mathiesen, J.M., Shah, S.T., Lyons, J.A., Caffrey, M., Gellman, S.H., Steyaert, J., Skiniotis, G., Weis, W.I., Sunahara, R.K., Kobilka, B.K. “Crystal structure of the β2 adrenergic receptor-Gs protein complex” Nature, 2011 477, 549-55. [Full Text]
  3. Chung, K.Y., Rasmussen, S.G., Liu, T., Li, S., DeVree, B.T., Chae, P.S., Calinski, D., Kobilka, B.K., Woods, V.L. Jr., Sunahara, R.K. “Conformational changes in the G protein Gs induced by the β2 adrenergic receptor” Nature. 2011, 477, 611-5. [Full Text]
  4. Rasmussen, S.G., Choi, H.J., Fung, J.J., Pardon, E., Casarosa, P., Chae, P.S., DeVree, B.T., Rosenbaum, D.M., Thian, F.S., Kobilka, T.S., Schnapp, A., Konetzki, I., Sunahara, R.K., Gellman, S.H., Pautsch, A., Steyaert, J., Weis, W.I., Kobilka, B.K. "Structure of a nanobody-stabilized active state of the beta(2) adrenoceptor", Nature, 2011, 469,175-80. [Full Text]
  5. Rosenbaum, D.M., Zhang, C., Lyons, J.A., Holl, R., Aragao, D., Arlow, D.H., Rasmussen, S.G., Choi, H.J., DeVree, B.T., Sunahara, R.K., Chae, P.S., Gellman, S.H., Dror, R.O., Shaw, D.E., Weis, W.I., Caffrey, M., Gmeiner, P., Kobilka, B.K. "Structure and function of an irreversible agonist-beta(2) adrenoceptor complex", Nature, 2011, 469, 236-40. [Full Text]
  6. Fung, J.J., Deupi, X., Pardo, L., Yao, X.J., Velez-Ruiz, G.A., DeVree, B.T., Sunahara, R.K., Kobilka, B.K. "Ligand-regulated oligomerization of beta(2)-adrenoceptors in a model lipid bilayer", EMBO J., 2009, 28, 3315-28. [Full Text]
  7. Yao, X.J., Whorton, M.R., Velez-Ruiz, G., Rasmussen, S., DeVree, B., Deupi, X., Sunahara, R.K., and Kobilka, B. "The effect of ligand efficacy on the formation and stability of a GPCR-G protein complex", PNAS, 2009, 106, 9501. [Full Text]

Amanda Dugan (Mapp Lab)

  1. Krishnamurthy, M., Dugan, A., Nwokoye, A., Fung, Y-H, Lancia, J.K., Majmudar, C.Y. and Mapp, A.K. (2011) Caught in the Act: Covalent Cross-linking Captures Activator-Coactivator Interactions in Vivo. ACS Chem. Biol. 6; 1321-1326. [Full Text]



Anne Gillies (Gestwicki Lab)

  1. Gillies, A.T., Gai, X.S., Buckwalter, B.L., Fenlon, E.F., Brewer, S.H., "(15)N NMR studies of a nitrile-modified nucleoside", J. Phys. Chem. B, 2010, 114, 17136-41. [Full Text]
  2. Watson, M.D., Gai, X.S., Gillies, A.T., Brewer, S.H., and Fenlon, E.E., "A vibrational probe for local nucleic acid environments: 5-cyano-2'-deoxyuridine", J. Phy. Chem. B., 2008, 112, 13188. [Full Text]

Alisa Glukhova (Tesmer Lab)

  1. Bukach, O.V., Glukhova, A.E., Seit-Nebi, A.S., and Gusev, N.B., "Heterooligomeric complexes formed by human small heat shock proteins HspB1 (Hsp27) and HspB6 (Hsp20)", Biochim. Biophys. Acta., 2009, 1794, 486. [Full Text]

Leshern Karamchand (Kopelman Lab)

  1. Karamchand, L., Dawood, H., and Chuturgoon, A. A., "Lymphocyte mitochondrial depolarization and apoptosis in HIV-1-infected HAART patients", J. Acquir. Immune. Defic. Syndr., 2008, 48, 381. [Full Text]

Byung Chul Kim (Fierke Lab)

  1. Kim, B.C., Lee, J.M., Ahn, J.S., and Kim, B.S., "Cloning, Sequencing, and characterization of the Pradimicin Biosynthetic Gene Cluster of Actinomadura hibisca P157-2", J. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 2007, 17, 830-839. [Full Text]



Paul Lund (Walter Lab)

  1. Lund, P., Hunt, R., Gottesman, M.M. and Kimchi-Sarfaty, C., "Pseudovirions as Vehicles for the Delivery of siRNA ", Pharmaceutical Research, 2010, 27, 400. [Full Text]
  2. Amit, P., Watson, R.M., Lund, P., Xing, Y., Burke, K., He, Y., Borguet, E., Achim, C. and Waldeck, D.H., "Charge Transfer through Single-Stranded Peptide Nucleic Acid Composed of Thymine Nucleotides", J. Phy. Chem. C, 2008, 112, 7233. [Full Text]

Tad Ogorzalek (Marsh Lab)

  1. Gramer, M.J., and Ogorzalek, T, "A semi-empirical mathematical model useful for describing the relationship between Carbon Dioxide, pH, Lactate, and base in a bicarbonate-buffered cell-culture process", Biotechnol. Appl. Biochem., 2007, 47, 197-204. [Full Text]



Chenxi Shen (Nikolovska-Coleska Lab)

  1. Shen C, Li Z, Yang X, Wang K., "La(3+) binds to BiP/GRP78 and induces unfolded protein response in HepG2 cells", Chem. Biol. Interact., 2008. [Full Text]

Frederick Stull (Palfey Lab)

  1. Martin, D.F., Aguinaldo, J.S., Kondis, N.P., Stull F.W., O'Donnell, L.F., Martin, B.B., and Alldredge, R.L., "Comparison of effectiveness of removal of nuisance anions by metalloligs, metal derivatives of Octolig", J. Environ. Sci. Health A. Tox. Hazard. Subst. Environ. Eng., 2008, 43, 1296. [Full Text]

Wendy Tay (Walter Lab)

  1. Carr, G., Tay, W., Bottriell, H., Andersen, S.K., Mauk, A.G. and Andersen, R.J., "Plectosphaeroic Acids A, B, and C, Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase Inhibitors Produced in Culture by a Marine Isolate of the Fungus Plectosphaerella cucumerina" Org Lett, 2009, 11, 2996. Full Text

Hong Tran (Sherman Lab)

  1. Li, S., Anand, K., Tran, H., Yu, F., Finefield, J. M., Sunderhaus, J. D., Timothy, J., Tsukamoto, S., Williams, R. M., Sherman, D. H., Arbor, A., and Collins, F. (2012) Comparative analysis of the biosynthetic systems for fungal bicyclo[2.2.2]diazaoctane indole alkaloids: the (+)/(-)-notoamide, paraherquamide and malbrancheamide pathways, MedChemComm 1-23.


Yaru Zhang (O'Brien Lab)

  1. Bao, R., Zhang, Y., Lou, X. C., Zhou, C. Z. and Chen, Y., "Structural and kinetic analysis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae thioredoxin Trx1: Implications for the catalytic mechanism of GSSG reduced by thioredoxin", Biochim Biophys Acta, 2009, 1794, 1218.[Full Text]
  2. Bao, R., Zhang, Y., Zhou, C. Z. and Chen, Y., "Structural and mechanistic analyses of yeast mitochondrial thioredoxin Trx3 reveal putative function of its additional cysteine residues", Biochim Biophys Acta, 2009, 1794, 716. [Full Text]
  3. Zhang, Z., Bao, R., Zhang, Y., Yu, J., Zhou, C. Z. and Chen, Y., "Crystal structure of Saccharomyces cerevisiae cytoplasmic thioredoxin reductase Trr1 reveals the structural basis for species-specific recognition of thioredoxin", Biochim Biophys Acta, 2009, 1794, 124. [Full Text]
  4. Lou, X., Zhang, Y., Bao, R., Zhou, C.Z., and Chen, Y., "Purification, Crystallization and Preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of glutathionylated Trx1 C33S mutant from yeast", Acta Crystallogr Sect F Struct Biol Cryst Commun, 2009, 65, 39-41.[Full Text]
  5. Zhang, Y., Bao, R., Zhou, C. Z. and Chen, Y., "Expression, purification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of thioredoxin Trx1 from Saccharomyces cerevisiae", Acta Crystallogr Sect F Struct Biol Cryst Commun, 2008, 64, 323. [Full Text]
  6. Bao, R., Chen, Y.X., Zhang, Y., and Zhou, C.Z., "Expression, purification, Crystallization and preliminary X-Ray diffraction analysis of mitochondrial thioredoxin Trx3 from Sacchromyces cerevisiae", Acta. Crystallogr. Sect. F. Struct. Biol. Cryst. Commun., 2006, 62, 1161-1163. [Full Text]